AC 5 OF 2015 - R vs Stephen Mburu Ndiba

Summary: The accused was arraigned in court for allegedly using his office to improperly confer a benefit to John Mwangi Ndirangu and Julius Ndururi Gatamu by issuing them with Title deeds for parcels of land in Laikipia. The accused i his defence said he followed the right procedure and listed the documents he relied on, confirmed by his witness, the Land Registrar. The court in assessing the evidence before it was critical of how key documents referred to by the Investigating Officer were obtained, and stated that the investigator took short cuts in investigating this case, which proved fatal to the case. The court noted that had the IO followed the correct procedure in acquiring the documents, the court would have come to a different conclusion. The accused was acquitted under Criminal Procedure Code S 215.

Fist offence date: 18/Mar/2009
Start date: 11/Jun/2014
Ruling date: 01/Jan/1970
Defendant plea: Not guilty
Amount involved: KES 0.00
Type of case: Abuse of office
Type of Charge:
Type of Judgement: Acquittal
Fine amount: KES 0.00

Resolution comments:


Ministry of Lands

Employer at time of Offence -