ACC 2 OF 2013 - ACC 2 OF 2013 Republic Vs Thuita Mwangi, Anthony Mwaniki Muchiri and Allan Waweru Mburu (1st, 2nd and 3rd accused respectively)

Summary: Charges were preferred against the 3 accused with respect to the purchase of a chancery in Tokyo by the GOK for the Kenyan Embassy in Japan. Based on an increase in cost from the initial 1,431,300,000Yen to the paid total of 1,750,000,000Yen, the 3 were accused of conspiring to commit an offence of corruption, abuse of office, false assumption of office (3rd accused only) and flouting procurement procedures in the direct purchase of the property known as 3-24-3 Yakumo Meguru-KU in Tokyo, the Chancery for the Kenyan Embassy and Ambassador's residence, as opposed to the initially identified Plot 4-6-1 Minami Hazabul Minato-KU. Court concluded that from the record of this case there were indeed many breaches in the procurement procedures related to the purchase of this property, such as the backdating of the agreement of sale for the property committed even by some of the witnesses in this case, but that the prosecution had not put them to acount and had failed to link the 3 accused to any of those breaches.

Fist offence date: 01/Jan/2009
Start date: 01/Jan/2013
Ruling date: 01/Jan/1970
Defendant plea: Not guilty
Amount involved: KES 1,524,425,000.00
Type of case: Conspiracy to commit an offence of corruption and economic crime
Type of Charge:
Type of Judgement: Acquittal
Fine amount: KES 0.00

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